Crystal Shape Editor/Viewer 1.0.5

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Welcome to the home of JCrystal, a computer program for creating, editing, displaying and deploying crystal shapes. 

JCrystal is a PC Software (Win95 and above). We recommend to use Microsoft Internet Explorer with the JCrystalApplet. If you can see the animated logo on top of this page your browser can be used with the applet.

JCrystal is a stand-alone Java application. The included JCrystalApplet will run within web pages exported by JCrystal. The Java runtime module and a Windows installer is included with the distribution. The installation program will automatically create shortcuts on the desktop and the start menu. 

JCrystal produces Vrml, Html, Gif and PostScript output. 

JCrystal allows you to export web pages, that will use the included JCrystalApplet , so that you can deploy the generated shapes on the Internet for  viewing in Java-enabled web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. 

On top of this page the JCrystalApplet is running as a logo (removed, Applets not supported anymore).

Screen Samples


How to obtain JCrystal

Click here to download the setup program.

Customer Reactions

"This program allows a user to manipulate a crystal shape with mouse and keyboard control with a realism almost equal to actually holding a real crystal model." - David Barthelmy (webmineral.com)

"JCrystal's stereo drawings are such a pleasure to view, rotate, even the nice little Miller indices float in space. It's even better than RasMol or Biosym (Materials Studio now) software" - Prof. Manuel Laso (Spain)          

"My mineralogy students really love your program--it has helped make crystallography more a matter of inquiry than memorization." - Brooks McKinney (Hobart And William Smith Colleges)          

"I am generally very happy with your program. It is quite intuitive. It  takes the students not more that half an hour to learn how to work with it and it certainly enters a great element  of  fun in a matter that sometimes is regarded as dull." - Prof. Peter Van den haute (Belgium)

"I am attaching one of my abstracts where I used your JCrystal software to simulate crystal shapes. ... Your software was very useful in this study." - D.C.Golden (NASA) (PDF1, PDF2)

"It has been a pleasure learning to use JCrystal." - Stephen Pierce

"The program is so cool that I am having a hard time stopping myself from playing around with it!   What a  great tool for visualizing crystals!" - Brooks McKinney  


JCrystalApplet on the Web

Main Window. Here face no.15 is selected and its central distance modified using the slider.

Shown is one of the two form selector tools. It lets you input a form {hkl} manually or by mouse click on the Wulff net for generating the list of equivalent planes (hkl).

Main features

  • Calculation of crystal shapes from a list of face indices (hkl)
  • Generates hkl lists from forms or manual  input
  • Easy to use interface
  • Real time rotations 
  • Transparency, shadows, background images etc.
  • Direct printing support 
  • Output of PostScript, JPG and GIF
  • Several display modes (shaded, custom colors, wire frame, anaglyph, vertices, line drawing )
  • (hkl) indices, face numbers, vertex numbers, face normals may be switched on/off
  • Select faces and use slider to modify the shape interactively
  • Editor and sliders can be switched on/off
  • Extra window for viewing VRML 
  • Exports VRML2.0 and POVRAY files
  • Exports HTML files for the JCrystalApplet
  • Comes with JCrystalApplet for adding shapes to your homepage

    Special features

  • Laue pattern simulation
  • Stereographic projections
  • Unit cell visualizer
  • Periodic table
  • Print selected paper models
  • Menu with Internet links

    Sample files

  • Dave Barthelmy kindly provided more than 4000 hkl-file templates and about 668 complete shapes for minerals from his database (htp://webmineral.com) The templates contain the mineral name, lattice parameters and a default set of face indices that have to be edited by the user to obtain the actual crystal forms.
  • About 100 sample files were provided by Udo Behner (www.kristallzuechtung.de)

    Helpfile / Hilsdatei

If the helpfile does not display correctly right-click on the filename, select Properties and then click the [Unblock] button.

Falls die Hilfsdatei nicht richtig erscheint, klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Dateinamen und wählen "Eigenschaften" und klicken Sie den Knopf [Zulassen]


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