Fourier Painter
Screenshot gallery


Image Editor

Dynamic line scan display

Lake effect and spline transfer curve

Create quasiperiodic tilings & save coordinates

Draw density waves

Apply color gradients

Simple 3D effect (relief plot)

View 3D surface plot of selected region

Fourier Transform Lab

The view type in third column can be changed

Shape drawing tools

Effect of origin shift on phases

Effect of origin shift on phases

View line scans

View thumbnails for loading images

2D-Fourier Transforms

FT image in Sqrt scale & shape drawing tools

FT image in Log scale & surface plot

Dynamic line scan display

FT image & thumbnail panel

All panels shown

FT image with line profile

1D-Fourier Transforms

All three panels using a low-pass filter

Power spectrum hidden

Image Surface Plot

Height slider and thumbnail panel

Surface without box and applied gradient


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