K-Pattern Simulation

JCrystalSoft, 2012

Version 1.5.1 (12/18/2012)

This software is designed to simulate Kossel patterns and Kikuchi patterns for periodic crystal systems. The program does not perform intensity calculations but reflection conditions for the chosen space group will be observed. This application is a successor to KOQUA, which was a DOS program for the simulation of K-patterns for crystals and quasicrystals.


Main Features

  • Interactive Dragable Plot

  • Stereographic and Gnomonic Projection

  • Reflection Conditions for 230 Space Groups observed

  • Highlight lines with mouse click

  • Save/Load HKL Files (in addition to *.kos files)

  • Angle calculator



Download Demo Version (convertible to full version)

The Demo version is limited to a Cubic unit cell. Click at the link below to download the self-extracting installation file. Select "Open" to run the setup program immediately or select "save" to save the file to your computer.  

Click here to download Kossel/Kikuchi (3.1 MB, Version 1.5.1, 12/18/2012)
Press "Save" or "Run" from the next dialog window


Register for Full Version

The full version can be enabled by obtaining a registration password, which will be emailed to you. Please go to the Order Page for a registration. Please test the program on your PC before ordering, in order to make sure that it runs on your operating system.



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JCrystalSoft, 2012