Crystal Morphology Editor / Viewer

Version 1.5.0  (10/01/2018)

KrystalShaper is a newer crystal shape editing program.  It is not an upgrade of JCrystal, but a separate program, which is written in a different language and with a different feature set and file format, although a certain overlap in functionality and GUI design exists between both programs. Please read the comparison for more details on the differences between both programs.   

KrystalShaper draws crystal shapes for normal crystals and icosahedral quasicrystals. It is possible to export webpages in the HTML language, which use the provided Applet, so that crystal shapes can be viewed within a Java-enabled webbrowser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. KrystalShaper itself has more rendering options than the applet. It might thus be used as an interface for the creation of interactive webpages. 

Create Animated GIFs

The rotation angle, frame rate, delay time, direction and image size can be customized.


Main Features

  • Easy-to-use interface with real time rotations 
  • Display of Hauy Block Models
  • BFDH Morphology Prediction
  • Stereo Pairs and Anaglyphs (red/blue stereo)
  • Print Foldable Nets for Crystal Models
  • Export of GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, PDF, VRML, POV files
  • Animated GIF, Transparent PNG
  • Export HTML with Java Applet
  • Integrated Image Browser
  • Integrated Applet Preview
  • Integrated Webbrowser for Photo Download
  • Snowflake Generator
  • Educational Java Applets
  • Over 700 Sample Data Files
  • Import of CIF files (to be improved in future)
  • New in 1.2.1: Animated Gif
  • New in 1.2.2: Multi-Form Generator
  • New in 1.3.0: Form Editor; Improved b/w line drawing
  • New in 1.4.0: AppletViewer for educational Applets (in separate download)
  • New in 1.5.0: Free unlocked version

Please note that newer browsers, such as Chrome etc. do not run Java Applets anymore. A second download link includes an older JDK with AppletViewer, but Norton may complain about the setup file. 


Download Full Version

Click the link below for downloading the self-extracting installation. Select "Open" to run the setup program immediately or select "save" to save the file to your computer.


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