SW Finance
Retirement Calculators / Market Data

Version 1.1.0  (1/13/2018)

This software started as a programming exercise. Its practical usefulness may be limited to the implemented retirement calculators as more powerful market data tools are readily available at any official finance website. Originally I used market data from Yahoo, but when Yahoo discontinued its free API I fortunately found a new data provider in AlphaVantage. 

Because retrieving market data can be slow one can choose the 'Calculators Only' GUI at program start.

Main Features

  • Market Data Plots (download time of data may vary) 
  • Portfolio Pie Charts for asset overview over several accounts
  • Graphical Retirement Calculators (visualize asset accumulation/distribution) 
  • Bar Graphs for retirement scenarios (change input values with mouse wheel)


The downloadable version is fully functional. Click the link below for downloading the self-extracting installation. Select "Open" to run the setup program immediately or select "save" to save the file to your computer.


JCrystalSoft, 2018