Nanotube Modeler
Generation of Nano-Geometries

JCrystalSoft, 2005-2018

Version 1.8 (10/01/2018)

Nanotube Modeler is a program for generating xyz-coordinates for Nanotubes and Nanocones. The Fullerene library by M.Yoshida may be accessed as well. Generated geometries may be viewed using the integrated viewer or by calling a viewer program of your choice. This program is based on my JNanotubeApplet but has improved and extended features. 


Main Features

  • Interactive graphics (rotate structure by mouse drag)
  • Creation of Nanotubes, Nanocones, Buckyball, Graphene Sheets
  • Creation of capped (9,0) and (5,5) tubes
  • Application of tube distortions
  • Creation of single- or multi-walled nanotubes (SWNT, MWNT)
  • Export of XYZ, JPG, BMP, PDF, MOL, XMOL, PDB, CIF, VRML, POV files
  • Import of XY-Sheet coordinate files (can be rolled into tube)
  • Display of Drexler-Merkle molecular machines from IMM
  • XY-Sheet generation tool (image search / manual assembly)
  • Nanotube Hetero-Junctions (using CoNTub plug-in)
  • Import of XMOL coordinate files (distortions can be applied to nanotube data)
  • More capped tubes (6,6), (10,0) and (10,10)
  • Create tubes by number of translational units
  • Custom MWNT input / Radius calculator / MWNT sequence finder
  • Expanded number of atoms for longer tubes
  • Rainbow color mode 
  • New CIF output option for ICSD style atom data block
  • User-assigned bond order for MOL file export
  • Modified for European customers (decimal point/comma issue)
  • Select one or both caps for capped tubes
  • Extra long tubes (>100,000 A)
  • Export bond connection files
  • Export MLM files (Agile Molecule)
  • Export Nano-Hole Arrays 
  • Export VRML1.0 (in addition to VRML2.0)
  • Multi-Layer Graphene Sheets
  • Rotation option for Multi-Layer Graphene Sheets
  • New (1.7.0): Added Icosahedral Virus Geometry generator
  • New (1.7.1): New customizable types (AlP, GaP etc)
  • New (1.7.3): Bug fixes related to Windows 7
  • New (1.8.0): Free unlocked version

Download Full Version

Below there is a link to a downloadable self-extracting installation. Select "Open" to run the setup program immediately or select "save" to save the file to your computer.  

Click here to download NanotubeModeler (9.1 MB, Version 1.8, 10/01/2018)
Press "Save" or "Run" from the next dialog window

Download Fullerene Library

The Fullerene Library by M. Yoshida is freely downloadable from his web page at . However those files are in UNIX format and not directly readable on PC. A reformatted archive was created by Steffen Weber in 1999, 

Please note that although M. Yoshida did not post any copyright note on his web page he might choose to do so in future. JCrystalSoft disclaims any responsibility arising from downloading and using M. Yoshida's data files.    

Click here to download the Fullerene Library, save the file to the ..\NanoTube\DATA\Fullerene\  folder and execute it. Then the data files (*.cc1, *.xyz) may be loaded into the Nanotube Modeler.




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