Laue Simulation Software

Version 1.0 (10/01/2018)  

WinLaue is a program for plotting forward and backward Lauegrams. It is the successor to XRDL and the JLaue module in JCrystal



Main Features

  • Multi-document interface
  • Interactive graphics (mouse-dragable plots)
  • Draw 3D reciprocal lattice (optionally limited to 0th layer) 
  • Draw Laue transmission or backreflection patterns
  • Draw stereographic projections (more options available in WinWulff)
  • Draw structures (for space group verification) or unit cell-outline
  • Import editable HKL data files (*.rsv)
  • Export BMP, JPG images and Adobe Acrobat PDF files
  • Export hkl lists as *.txt files
  • Observe extinction conditions during HKL generation

Download Full Version

Click at the link below to download the self-extracting installation file. Select "Open" to run the setup program immediately or select "save" to save the file to your computer.  

Click here to download WinLaue (3.56 MB, Version 1.0, 10/01/2018)
Press "Save" or "Run" from the next dialog window



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