Stereographic Projection Software

Version 1.6.0 (10/01/2018)  

WinWulff is a program for plotting stereographic projections of (hkl) and [uvw] vectors onto a Wulff-net. It is the successor to JWulff and the JWulff module in JCrystal



Main Features

  • Multi-document interface
  • Interactive graphics (mouse-dragable plots)
  • Plot (hkl) and/or [uvw]
  • Plot zone traces
  • Export of HKL, JPG, BMP and PDF files
  • Import of HKL files
  • Angle table calculator
  • Overlay multiple plots
  • Import background image
  • Import alpha/beta angle files
  • European comma issue addressed
  • New (1.3.0): List and export 2-Theta values
  • New (1.3.0): Delete poles
  • New (1.3.0): Use a selected pole as rotation axis
  • New (1.3.1): Extinction rule bug fix
  • New (1.4.0): Import alpha/beta files as rotatable pseudo-hkl 
  • New (1.5.0): Crystal Gmbh method; samples menu extended
  • New (1.6.0): Free unlocked version 

Download Full Version

Click at the link below to download the self-extracting installation file. Select "Open" to run the setup program immediately or select "save" to save the file to your computer.  

Click here to download WinWulff (3.5 MB, Version 1.6.0, 10/01/2018)
Press "Save" or "Run" from the next dialog window



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