Crystal Shape Editor/Viewer 1.0.5

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Screen shots 2:  - Utility Programs

1. Unit cell and vector visualizer 

The purpose of this program is to visualize the angular relations between specified lattice vectors [uvw] and plane normal vectors (hkl). A list window shows the lengths of the vectors and the angles between all possible vector pairs. You may perform real time rotations with mouse drags and also view stereo pairs. 

2. Stereographic projections 

This program lets you plot poles representing plane normals (hkl) or zone axes [uvw]. You may specify the maximum hkl index  and the d-spacing range for which the poles should be displayed. Clicking at the poles will give you their indices and d-spacing. You can also measure angles by clicking at two poles. Sliders allow you to rotate about phi and rho. You may zoom the net and move it around with a left-mouse-button-drag.  

3. Laue pattern generation 

This program lets you generate the reflection spot positions of a Laue diffraction pattern for the given crystal. Intensities are not calculated, since this would require detailed knowledge of the atomic structure. It is therefore a geometrical diffraction pattern , which shows the locations of possible reflections. Clicking at the spots will show its indices and d-spacing.

4. Periodic table of elements with properties

This program is a periodic table of elements which shows a graph for element properties (atomic weight, density, melting point, specific heat, vaporization heat, ionization energy, atomic radius, electronegativity), as well as their numerical values. The graph shows the selected property for all elements (atomic numbers) For most elements with atomic number larger than 98 no properties were available. 


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