Project 17: Rotating Letters

Steffen Weber, August 1998

This applet takes a number of parameters from the HTML file and displays words or single letters as curved ribbons.The text, two lamps (color,position) may be specified as well as font, fontsize, fontstyle, background color, background image, axis of rotation/random rotation.

The applet pixelizes the specified text in order to be able to calculate different colors for each pixel. This means the more letters the higher the calculation time as the number of pixels increases. If your text seems to be cut on both ends you should reduce the font size. See the code of this page for further comments.

(Netscape for LINUX does not display the specified fontsize!)

To download this applet just change the name in the browsers location/address field from jletter.html to jletter.class . Then you should be able to save it to your hard disk.

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