Project 26: JNanoTube

Steffen Weber, October 2000

New: Nanotube Modeler

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See also Nano-Tube Gallery and Nano-Cone Gallery   NEW: Nanotube Modeler

This applet generates the atom positions for nano-tubes and nano-cones. Its purpose is to give you the xyz-coordinates for use in other structure viewing programs. You may specify the chiral vector for nano-tubes and the disclination angle for cones. A value for ncone>1 will generate stacked cones with dZ as stacking distance. The calculation of the nano-cones might take a while depending on the specified cone height and disclination angle.The stereo-mode is for parallel-view. If you prefer the cross-eye view you may swap the sides of the images with a right mouse button drag, when in stereo mode.

Distortion: When you apply xy-distortion (oval tube) or the z-distortion (stretched or shortened tube) not all bonds will be generated, because the distortions change the bond lengths compared to the input bond length. 

In order to obtain the XYZ coordinates use my newer program Nanotube Modeler