Project 19: JCell

Steffen Weber, August 1998

crystallographic unit cell visualizer.       yellow: (hkl)       red: [uvw]

This applet shall visualize the shape of different unit cells and the relations between directional vectors [uvw] and the normals of planes (hkl). Their directions are identical for the cubic system but may differ in any other system. If "unit length" is checked the lengths of the [uvw] and the lengths of the plane normals (hkl) are scaled to a length of 1 Angstroem. This applet also shows the lengths of the vectors and calculates the angle of a given pair of vectors.

The lattice matrices, the cartesian forms of the given vectors and their lengths can be seen in the JAVA console, which you have to activate in order to read the applets output.

The cell dimensions are specified in the text fields "a b c" [Angstroem] and "alpha beta gamma" [degree]. A space is required between the individual values !
In the textfields labelled "1"-"10" you may specify a number of vectors (space between values!). If the corresponding checkbox is selected then the vectors [uvw] and (hkl) are calculated for each of those entries.
measure angle:
In the view window the lengths of the vectors are shown with their serial number ("1." etc). Choose two numbers in order to define a pair of vectors the angle of which shall be calculated and input those numbers in the text field "measure angle".
The checkboxes "zoom & shift", "stereo pair", "perspective" and "unit length" serve as switches between different display modes.

After modifying cell parameters, vectors or changing "unit length" click apply in order to activate those changes.

mouse functions
rotate: (unchecked "zoom & shift")
 Around x-axis: press right mouse key and drag over display.
 Around y,z-axis: press left mouse key and drag over display.
zoom/shift:(checked "zoom & shift")
 zooming: click left mouse key and drag over display.
 shifting: click right mouse key and drag over display.

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