Quasicrystal Reflection Generator


Steffen Weber 1996-98

(page last modified on October 14,1996)

This program is a utility for producing sets of possible wave vectors for several quasicrystal space groups. It is possible to constrain the theta range and the maximum internal component qi . The program also tries to obey the corresponding reflection conditions. The criteria for that are based on the following two papers: (1) A.Yamamoto: Crystallography of Quasiperiodic Crystals, Acta.Cryst.(1996), A52,509-560; (2) Rabson, Mermin, Rokshar, Wright: The space groups of axial crystals and quasicrystals, Rev.Mod.Phys.(1991), Vol.63,No.3,699

If you find any bug in the extinctions please let me know.

main menu


main features

output of wave vector sets for selected spacegroups
for octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal and icosahedral system
uses user-defined lattice matrices
PostScript output of a layer in reciprocal space


graphics output

spot radius is inversely proportional to the internal space component of the wave vector
it is known that small internal components qi give stronger reflections

octagonal (0.layer) decagonal (0.layer) dodecagonal (0.layer)

Release Notes
- released October,14,1996

download QREFGEN(92Kb)