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University of Tsukuba / National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM) .

This homepage is made to give you a first glance at the educational DOS-software, which is available on our public ftp site. ( /pub/education/dos/..)

Present Project: XR95

At the moment I am working on a software package named XR95. XR stands for X-ray, since the program's main purpose is to simulate diffraction patterns for various X-ray techniques applied in crystallography.

This program is a pure DOS-program but it provides an easy-to-use interface with pop-ups, pull-down menus and so on. Graphics is interactive and with animation. With the Vector Space Viewer (VSV), for example, you can even animate 3D-diffraction patterns using red-blue glasses. All subprograms that produce graphics also create the corresponding PostScript output files.

Title Picture of XR95 with main menu

The main features of XR95:

Release Notes

I hope to release the first freeware testversion in early september, however, I cannot guarantee that. In any case you can look up this homepage in order to know,whether you can already download it or not.

more example screen captures

Presently available software :

anonymous ftp:

 Polyhedra              /pub/education/dos/poly/....  download (92Kb)
 Tiling                 /pub/education/dos/tiling/..  download (57Kb)
 Vector Space Viewer    /pub/education/dos/vsv/.....  download (188Kb)
 Periodic Table         /pub/education/dos/pt/......  download (66Kb)
 Koqua'95               /pub/education/dos/kossel/..  download (120Kb)

These programs run only on IBM-compatible PC !