Steffen Weber 1994

This program generates polyhedra with a symmetry of one of the crystallographic pointgroups. After the menu for the pointgroup selection you would get a Wulff-net with some marked special positions. You can then click either the predefined hotspots or any other point in this stereogram and the program will calculate the corresponding polyhedron and display it. For the calculation of the polyhedron the generator matrices for the point groups are used. It is possible to produce PostScript output. In this case the display mode of the onscreen display is chosen. That means you have to choose the shading if you want a shaded PS-graphics of that polyhedron. This program includes many routines, on which I later based my programs Stereograms and XR-Shape.


Appearance on screen

Example 1

Clickable Wulff-net for selecting a polyhedron.

Example 2

Shaded representation of a polyhedron belonging to the icosahedral pointgroup. You can animate the body by realtime rotations. You can switch on/off the stereo mode, the shading and the transparancy.

Other Display Modes