Vector Space Viewer

Steffen Weber 1995

You can set up any coordinate system in 3-6 dimensional space. This program is very useful for visualizing geometrical relationships in higherdimensional space, as is needed in case of quasicrystals. In this case you can switch between the two lowerdimensional orthonormal subspaces. Animation is possible.

Appearance on screen

Example 1

Main menu and loaded example file. It is possible to switch on/off the stereo mode, vector display, number display, vertex connections and the background.

Example 2

Stereo representation of a Buckminster ball. ( C60-cage )

Example 3

Stereo 3D-diffraction pattern of an icosahedral quasicrystal. This program only displays the 3D-diffraction patterns. The necessary data files are ceated by the main program XR95.