XRSV-Structure Viewer

Steffen Weber 1996

(page last modified on Sept.16,1998)
This program allows you to draw Crystal structures on the basis of an inputfile with data on the assymmetric unit. Check also my Java program JSV, which is what once XR95 was meant to become.

example screen

more screen shots / download XRSV (227Kb) / download manual in PostScript format

main features

I included the possibility of importing xyz-data for my own purposes, such as:
1. import of quasicrystal volume sections, in order to cut out columnar clusters
2. using XRSV to visualize reflection data as obtained by the peak search on the diffractometer, in order to facilitate an assignment of indices to these quasicrystal reflections

graphics output

1. PostScript Example
2. PostScript Example
3. PostScript Example

update Sep.15, 1998
- slight modifications to make it run better under WINDOWS.