1997, Steffen Weber, NIRIM, Tsukuba, Japan
and Alok Singh, NRIM, Tsukuba, Japan

page last modified June 21,1997

This program serves the indexation of zone axes of decagonal quasicrystals with different periodicities (phases T2,T4,T6,T8,T10,T12,T14,T16). The algorithm is based on the method of Singh and Ranganathan (1996a, 1996b, 1997). It allows to draw the traces of reciprocal vectors (selected by the user) on a section of the stereogram, using spherical trigonometric formulae. The positions of the zone axes created by these vectors with the two-fold vectors is written in a file. Indices are assigned to these zone axes, using an indexing scheme first proposed by FitzGerald et al.(1988) utilizing five basis vectors in the quasiperiodic plane and one perpendicular to these along the ten-fold (periodic) axis.

The program runs on PC-At under MSDOS (VGA graphics + IBM compatible mouse required).

Main features of Deca-Zonax1.0

Appearance on screen

Example for a decagonal T8 phase. The vertical coordinates are enlarged by a factor 2 for convenience. Thus the actual 18 deg range is shown as a 36 deg range.

release notes

DECA-ZONAX1.0 released on July 14,1997

download DECA-ZONAX 1.0(79Kb)

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