Java Applets

If Applets don't run lower the java security level to "Medium" under Windows Control Panel-Java

Project 1:  Stereograms 
stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (crystals)
Project 2:  Stereograms for QCs 
stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (quasicrystals) - test
Project 3:  Atomic Formfactor Curves 
X-ray formfactor curves
Project 4:  Quasiperiodic Tilings 
Dual method tiling generator for coloured rhombic tilings
Project 5:  Lauegrams 
Laue diffraction patterns for crystals
Project 6:  Lauegrams for QCs 
Laue diffraction patterns for quasicrystals - test
Project 7:  Cell Calculator 
calculate direct or reciprocal cell dimensions
Project 8:  JFourier1
calculates Fourier transforms of arbitrary point sets
Project 9:  Fibonacci Chain 
the Fibonacci chain as analogon to a 1-dimensional "quasicrystal"
Project 10:  Rietveld Plot (JRSDP) 
powder diffraction difference plot viewer for RIETAN's IGOR files
Project 11:  Colour Picker 
get RGB, RGB hex and HSB values of a selected colour
Project 12:  Point Group Polyhedra 
generates crystallographic polyhedra from point group symmetries and displays them in 3D
Project 13:  Periodic Table 
periodic table, which shows selected properties for all elements as a graph
Project 14:  Lin.Absorbtion Coefficient 
calculate linear X-ray absorbtion coefficients for crystals and quasicrystals
Project 15:  Structure Viewer 
generates atom positions using space groups and displays structure in 3D
Project 16:  Crystal Shape Viewer 
calculates a crystal shape from hkl list and displays it in 3D
Project 17:  Rotating Letters 
logo applet: takes letters as parameters and renders them as rotating letters
Project 18:  Matrix Inverter 
6x6 matrix inversion tool
Project 19:  JCell 
3D unit cell / vector visualizer for interactive manipulation
Project 20:  JSphere 
X-ray absorbtion on a spherical crystal sample
Project 21:  Moirée "holograms" 
Moirée analogon of holograms using line grids for a reference wave.
Project 22: JWallpaper patterns
draws wallpaper-like patterns from a given motif and symmetry (plane space group)
Project 23: JFourier2
calculates Fourier transforms of periodic point sets
Project 24: JFourier3
calculates Fourier transforms of quasiperiodic point sets
Project 25:  JCrystalApplet
crystal shape gallery
Project 26: JNanoTube
applet for generating nano-tubes and nano-cones
Project 27:  Number Theory: Prime Spiral
applet for generating the Ulam prime number spiral
Project 28: Jitterbug
Cube-octahedron to Octahedron Transformation
Project 29: Crystal Growth
Dibblemus Applets
Project 30: JVirusGeometries
displays icosahedral virus geometries