Project 16: Crystal Shape Viewer

Steffen Weber, July 1998

this applet generates convex crystal shapes from parameters in the HTML file

other examples

double click to stop and resume animation
animation running animation stopped
drag over the image with pressed left mouse key

toggle labels/user colors
toggle display modes with right mouse click

rotate around x-axis
drag over the image with pressed right mouse key

rotate around y-,z-axes
drag over the image with pressed left mouse key

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about jShape
jShape does not need to be supplied with a separate input file.
jShape reads a list of face indices (hkl) which are given as parameters directly in the HTML page. and calculates the resulting crystal shape. This applet is a stripped-down version of my Java application JShape.

applet error ?
If you get a status bar message like JSVapplet can't start after changing webpages you may try to click Reload.

parameters of this page's applet
explanations for how to create shapes follow soon. Meanwhile you can just have a look at this page's source code in order to see how it is done.