Project 1: Java Stereograms 1.2

Steffen Weber, June 1997

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This applet/Application is my first JAVA program. It is based on my software for the PC-AT.

Java Stereograms plots stereographic projections of poles onto a Wulff net. The pole distribution is determined by the given unit cell parameters. It is possible to give restraints to the number of generated poles by editing the values for the "maximum order" (maximum value of an index hkl) and the range of interplanar spacings "d" (dmin-dmax). For indexing the poles in the stereographic hemisphere simply click at them. The angles Rho and Phi corespond to rotations of the whole set on the Wulff net (always from zero position).

For input of the unit cell constants, unit cell angles and the orientation vector you have to leave a SPACE between each data item !

As in my PC software the orientation vector means the pole of some plane [hkl] (not [uvw]).

Don't set max.order too high when running it as an applet, since it might be slow. The maximum number of calculated poles is 5000.

NOTE: For hexagonal systems BRAVAIS indices ( h k -(h+k) l )are displayed. However for the orientation vector only the three indices (hkl) are to be given.

NOTE: I included the search for all equivalent poles for non-cubic systems. To do so, the actual hkl-loop runs from -2*max.order to +2*max.order (only for non-cubic case). Please keep that in mind and dont set maximum order too high, since the calculation might take considerable time. However this feature is needed if one wants to obtain symmetrical patterns.